about em 

emily hexe is an artist, empath, alchemist, and fourth-generation vermonter living in occupied Sokoki Abenaki territory. at a young age, her interests in the intuitive and subconscious called her to investigate and connect with deep personal truths obscured by our modern and patriarchal society. working with her dreams since age 12, em found the world of Tarot soon thereafter while exploring the rich multiverse of symbology, alchemy, poetics, myth and archetype. her work with dreams and Tarot deeply inform one another, and em channels these vibrations into her creative practice as a writer and artist.

em is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, has studied with Robert Moss, and is currently apprenticing with Robert Bosnak. she is the mind’s eye behind “dream-in”, an ever-shifting collective dreaming project. 

em identifies as a queer, anti-capitalist intersectional feminist. she is committed to deconstructing the oppressive binary systems in her work surrounding tarot, dream studies, and beyond. she embodies this anti-oppressive criticality in her readings and workshops, and is currently writing a critical/poetic theory entitled LUNAR THINKING.  



b.1989 VT 

currently living: Vermont 


Goddard College, Plainfield, VT Individualized Bachelor of Arts: Alchemy, Embodied Poetics, Critical Dream Studies, Symbols of Transformation, Archetypal Studies, Anticipated Graduation Date: March 2019

Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT


The Putney School, Putney, VT



Production Manager, Little Flower School

Brooklyn, NY January 2017-January 2018 

Private Nanny

Marlboro, VT/ Brooklyn, NY February 2008-January 2018 

Tour Nanny, MV & EE

USA/Europe August 2013-September 2015 

Taxidermy Instructor, Morbid Anatomy Museum

Brooklyn, NY June 2011- April 2012

Bench Jeweler/ Production Assistant, IGWT Studio / Suzannah Wainhouse / Goldengrove Jewelry

Brooklyn, NY May 2011-Nov 2017

Children’s Poetry Instructor, The Poetry Studio

Marlboro, VT May 2007-August 2012 



Tarot Workshop Facilitator at Looky Here, Greenfield, MA 04/08/2018 

abc fusion tarot reading .png

Tarot Reader, SPLINTER (formerly ABC Fusion)

 September 2015- November 2016 (2016 US Presidential Election Cycle)

links to articles: here, here, and here


Photography Assistant to Robin Stein for Romance Journal Issue 01: Emotions 2016  





  photo courtesy of  Fletcher Chancey

photo courtesy of Fletcher Chancey

Floral DesignerPrivate Wedding, Full Plate Farm September 2016

  photo courtesy of  Fletcher Chancey

photo courtesy of Fletcher Chancey


Creative Director, River Run, music video, Matt “MV” Valentine, 2015 

  image courtesy of  Spirit Weavers Gathering

image courtesy of Spirit Weavers Gathering

Tarot Reader, Spirit Weavers Gathering, CA/OR, 2014-2015


Touring Vocalist & Drummer, The Lentils,          2014-2015




Vocals, Biggest Hearts / That Sweet Disease King Tuff / The Lentils   7" Pitchfork Media ‎– 2014